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Auto makers in search of new methods to increase their sales

Auto makers in search of new methods to increase their sales

The automobile manufacturers are just increasing their rate of production and are trying to win the race among the other automobile industries around the world.
They are looking for different ways to promote cars in order to increase the auto sales.
The General motors Corp, has been the top industry for the past 75 years in terms of the global auto sales and which is now fighting to keep that title in the face of growing competition from Toyota.
Though it looks foreseeable that Toyota will claim top spot, increased sales in China (GM is now #1 in China beating former top dog Volkswagen) and surging sales in India have buoyed global sales for the General despite declining sales in North America. General Motors boss Rick Wagoner recently stated “If we can keep growing where the opportunities are to grow, someone’s going to have to hustle pretty hard to catch up with us like that.”
Acceding to Wall Street Journal, Rick Wagoner and General Motors do not focus on being at the top.
Ford Motor Company, which grabbed second place before is now pushed back to the third place with sales at just over 6.2 million units.
Strong sales in Europe have offset an apparently endless sales decline of blue oval vehicles in North America.
Once best sellers like the Ford Focus and Ford Explorer now sit on dealer lots as more innovative and fresh competition lure away new buyers. Ford would be wise to devise a more coherent product planning strategy instead of letting great cars waste away without any clear vision.
This is clearly revealed from the Ford Taurus and Lincoln L.S, which marked unique brand quality equity at some point but failed as they became unrelated amongst their respective competition.
Honda and Toyota have tried managing to keep the Accord and Camry nameplates which went for 2 decades, by Ford seems struggling with difficult times doing the same.
Hyundai has paced up with the competition and has crossed the auto sales over 11% in 2005.
The Korean automotive giant has gone to the sixth spot behind DaimlerChrysler. Since 1999 Hyundai has taken pace over players such as Honda, Fiat, Nissan, and Renault. Hyundai won’t be getting too comfy with the sixth place as they have set their goals to come within the range of top five by the end of the decade.
In the last 10 years they’ve crushed just about everyone’s expectations. Volkswagen is sitting at the fourth place production over 5.2 million vehicles sold in 2005-2007C.
Though nothing seems certain in this big auto industry, one thing goes true all the time. Grabbing the top place doesn’t matter as long as the auto industry does not provide Great cars and trucks. Here only consumers ranks at the top. It is true that manufactures are trying their best to increase the auto sales market but this will require gaining the consumer confidence again.

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The new fiat

The New Fiat 500

The fiat 500 is the long awaited revival of an old Italian classic, and much anticipated to rival the new style mini. A new version of the car that got Italy mobile, it is much loved, and is still surprisingly popular in small Italian villages across the country. It offers light steering, so makes it perfect for city driving.  It looks quirky and retro, with a gear stick built into the dashboard, and has a really safe feel for such a small car. Take it out of the towns however and it loses its reliability; becoming noisy and jittery to drive.

All models cone fitted with front, side, curtain and knee airbags, which has boosted its popularity and helped it to receive a five star rating in the Euro NCAP crash tests.

Inside the car, the design is simple and easy to use, and the seat is adjustable for comfort.  It can be personalised interiorly with colour and style, to put your stamp on your vehicle and really make it your own. The boot is roomy, and the back seats fold down individually for practical storage to optimise boot space.

The car benefits from sitting in a low Car Insurance band, and as it is quite fuel efficient, has a low tax bracket too.

The great idea is that you can mix and match your colours, side stripes and styling to create the most bespoke car without having to shell out too much of your hard earned cash.

Voted European car of the year 2008, the aim is to make compact and practical cars. Fiat has the track record of currently having the lowest CO2 emissions of car manufacturers in Europe. Fiat also offer an emission offset programme, which you download onto your computer.  This is inserted onto a USB stick, which you then load back into your computer.  It then analyses your driving, to give you a score based on your acceleration, deceleration and speed.  You can then take tutorials to develop your driving skills, and keep track of the miles you have driven, and the money you have saved since the first time you took your tutorial.  This is an industry first, and a novel idea in reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. You will also find that this car will enable you to get cheap car insurance quotes, as it is light and economical.

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Learner driver disaster

Learner Driver Disaster


Cast your memory back to your first driving lesson, and remember the nervous, sick feeling you had in the pit of your stomach.. Sound familiar? Then spare a thought for the pupil who flipped her driving instructor’s car onto its roof, on her second driving lesson, in Headington, Oxford. Locals were alerted to the scene after hearing a massive crash, and thinking joyriders had stolen one of their cars. It turns out that the twenty year old girl had managed to put the car steering wheel in full lock, and then hit the accelerator pedal, causing the car to flip.

Stunned neighbours rushed to help pull the girl and her driving instructor from the vehicle, pulling the girl through the window of the car to help her out. An ambulance was called to the scene although no one was hurt, but the road did have to be closed while recovery took the black fiat 500 BSM learner car away.

Russ Dunne, a witness who lives on the road where the incident occurred said: ‘I was standing at my door talking to someone from the Labour party who had come around canvassing. ‘I heard the engine revving really heavily and then this almighty smack. ‘I stuck my head out of the door and saw the car on its roof. I was in shock because at first I thought it was joyriders.” Locals commented that they felt quite sorry for the girl, and that they hoped it didn’t put her off learning to drive in the future.

No arrests were made, although I expect the instructors Car Insurance took a hit!


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Atypical disquisition on the intellectual ownership

Atypical disquisition on the intellectual ownership

This is an history of a patent that someone has stolen, others have plagiarized the functional peculiarities and not one has wanted to pay.

A report of infamy conducted to my damages, but also a thought around the defense of the intellectual ownership in the time of the maximum diffusion of the use of the technology and the culture that springs of it. The reference fact pertains my attempt to get a patent around an idea that could allow to build  automobiles more risparmioses and clean for the eco system.

My first footstep to offer it to an auto firm, the Fiat company, has been however frustrated by the embezzlement of the discovery by that company,  that has used it and selling it like own innovation.

The whole history you can read in my blog ( I cannot foresee if of my patent I will succeed in doing something, but at least I can share an interesting story that in his ethical details, it characterizes for unfortunately a long time a human kind composed by individuals that in the dawn of the civilization, only knew the hunting economy: way of living and to survive to the costs of the others.

As surely you know, for every individual that works for to improve the existential logistics, there are many others waiting that he holds the fruits of his efforts, to appropriate of it. (In Italy this is a stabilized tradition!) In Italy we have nowadays a very good condition for those who has a good idea and wants to try to achieve a patent! The actual government has reduce the cost even practically annulled.

This allows whoever to participate in the development of the quality of the life on the planet. It is a fact that the general ethics on which can we count, it is properly not “Christian”: nine people on ten (average of course…) take advantage illegitimately, if they are able, of other people’s job! In the future this won’t substantially change.

The human being will always have the archaic instinct of the hunter as natural base of existential approach and an ideal education for everybody, it is probably an utopia. Therefore only the rules can correct a situation of thick functional illegality.

Considered that the rules for the protection of the patents are decided by the international organisms, it seems me suitable that such protection can be extended to global level without further costs or bureaucratic matters besides, from the amount sustained in own nation.

After all the decisive validity of a patent will be decided in the collective verification that the sector of fruition will allege after the publication. There is not reason therefore, if not that speculative, to complicate the patent trial in the today’s way. The final footstep to democratize the knowledge production, consists therefore of removing its control (the possibility to illegitimately appropriate of it) by economic power groups.


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Transform your car into the most exclusive discotheque in town

Transform Your Car into the Most Exclusive Discotheque in Town

It’s a common problem: you’d love to shake your leg in a sweaty, cologne-choked musical hall, but your name is never on the guest list. Trying to slip the door man an Abe Lincoln doesn’t get you anywhere, and you can’t find any bounced and passed-out patrons with hand stamps you could transfer to your own hand like in that Blues Traveler video. So, are you going to just give up on your dream? No way. Take matters into your own hands and convert your auto into the most exclusive discotheque around. It’s not too tricky to do, either. Just follow these four simple steps.

Straighten Out Your Sound System

Twentieth-century audio is so pass?. The first step in setting up your car club is installing a modern sound system, and the cornerstone of your hi-fi upgrade is a proper iPod car adapter. Now, a lot of people make the mistake of trying to cut corners by using an FM transmitter or cassette-style iPod car adapter. Although they’re inexpensive, they also make your music sound muddy, flat and lifeless. For crystal-clear sound, your best bet is an iPod integration kit. With that, a good bass box, wide-range speakers and a kickin’ amp, your cockpit will sound like center stage at Le Tub.

Lux Fiat

Once you have your sound system squared away, it’s time to turn your attention to ambiance. All good discotheques have impressive lighting setups, so you’ll want to deck out your ride with car lights. Along with the standard outside car lights – projector headlights and Altezza tail lights – you’ll need an array of sweet dance lights for your cockpit. Undulating laser lights, powerful strobes, and a disco ball dangling down below your dome light are a must. Just one word of warning: flashing police lights could land you in hot water with the 5.0, so skip those.

Make a Spectacle of Yourself

With your disco Dodge fully decked out with light and sound, your next move is spreading the word. A lot of fancy-pants marketers will try and tell you that creating buzz through social media is the only way to go viral these days, but that’s a load of jibber-jabber. Your best move for self-promotion is to just drive around town rocking your tunes and flashing your car lights. I guarantee that no one will be able to take their eyes off you.

Whip up a Guest List

Last but not least, you have to have a guest list. And this is where your work really pays off because no meathead standing behind a red velvet rope can tell you that your name isn’t on the list. In fact, you have the power to limit the list to just your name. Let everyone who disregarded you in the past gawk slack-jawed at your achievement.

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